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primal quality of honey to the biggest possible extent

Since 2015 we are included into the “Slovenian honey with a protected geographical indication” scheme, which means that our honey meets higher criteria than what is the minimum regulated by the state honey regulations. It is
exclusively of slovenian origin, top and controlled quality, we ensure tracking of each and every jar of honey. You can recognize it by the label that is sticked on the jar and the cap. 

Do you swear by the best? Find a jar of honey with a protected
geographical indication.


Acacia honey

• bright yellow colour,

• delicate, weak fruity smell of acacia flowers,

• delicate taste of vanilla candy,

• slow crystallization,

• soothes, helps with menopause problems, insomnia, liver cleansing

450g, 950g


Linden honey

• shades of yellow,

• strong smell of linden blossoms and menthol,

• tastes of linded blossoms, herbs and menthol,

• crystallizes quickly,

• helps with the flu, eases respiratory problems, antibacterial, great with paradonthosis problems

450g, 950g


Flower honey

• a very diverse color. From yellow to brown, depending on the flowers,

• somewhat strong to intensive smell is very diverse. Pleasant smell off meadows and herbs,

• fast crystallization,

• strengthens the heart and the vascular system

450g, 950g


Chestnut honey

• more or less dark color with red shades,

• intense smell of chestnut blossoms and slightly bitter smell,

• bitter taste, tastes also of herbs and absinthe,

• slow crystallization,

• works favourably with disruptions in the metabolism, soothes

450g, 950g


Forest honey

• bright to dark brown color with a red or green shade,

• smells of resin. Very intense, depending on the sort of mana,

• taste is pretty intense, different depending on the mana sort, tastes also of resin, syrup or herb candy,

• crystallizes semi-fast,

• rich texture, recommended with anemia

450g, 950g


Silver fir honey

• dark (gray) brown color with a green shade,

• semi intense smell, has resin and powdered milk characteristics,

• caramel taste,

• it usualy crystallizes slowly,

• eases respiratory illnesses, great for treating coughing and bronchitis

450g, 950g



• different shades of brown color,
• bitter taste,
• antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties



The grains are different colors, are a source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Very different in color and taste, depends on the flowers from which it was picked.



• strengthens the immune system

• prevents and eases prostate problems,

• regulates thyroid gland activity,

• eases digestion problems,

• stimulates the making of new white and red blood cells and hemoglobin,

• soothes inflammations,

• helps prevent heart illnesses,

• prevents cancer ilnesses,

• stimulates brain activity,

• strengthens eyesight,

• helps with battling stress,..

For preventive purposes and especialy to strengthen our immune system, we advise consuming it twice a year with a three month treatment in spring and in autumn. One spoon, half an hour before a meal (5-10g) for an adult, half a spoon for a child. Always start with smaller dosages that we then gradualy increase. . If the pollen is dry, it is advised to soak it in a liquid before consuming. With pollen, in combination with inhaling bee aerosoles, we can cure  pollen allergies.

dreamlike sweet

Honey liqueur

Honey aroma and alcohol in a perfect balance. Na zdravje! (cheers!)


Dried persimmon

• dark yellow to dark orange color,
• unsprayed fruit,
• peeled,
• dried at a low temperature so as many vitamins and minerals are preserved,

• no preservatives

pleasantly spicy

Extra virgin olive oil

We grow our olive trees on the most northern part where olive trees still grow. And because of this position we have great quality olive oil.

• mixed,

• cold pressed,

• green-yellow color,

• intensive smell of olives,

• pleasant spicy and bitter taste

Cream honey

Creamy sweetness

cream honey with ginger and lemon

Ginger wisdom

cream honey with hazelnuts

Hazelnut passion

cream honey with pollen, propolis and royal jelly



Acacia honey