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Bekeeping Batištuta

always leaves a pleasant taste!

Natural. Quality. Tasteful. Healthy.


Our story

It started in 2005 with four bee families. Love for bees has
completely overtaken us… and now we have 460 bee families.
With a diverse selection of products we represent quality,  edication, bee dilligence and work from our own hands. Our products are  ade with care, responsibility and thoroughness. Satisfied and loyal customers are our main proof that we do great work, that our effort is paid off and that every drop of sweat is worth it. You buy more than just a product with us. You buy hours and hours of hard work and effort. You buy years of love and moments of pleasure. You don’t buy just a product, you buy a piece of our heart, a piece of our soul, a tiny piece of our lives. And we thank you for it!



Our products are made with care, responsibility and thoroughne



Slovenian honey with a protected geographical indication

Primal quality of honey to the biggest possible extent
You can choose from different types of honey



Do you want to take a peek into a beehive? Do you want to relax with the buzzing of bees? Your breathing will slow down and your mind will calm down. Do you want to inhale bee aerosol that is beneficial for your body, health and how you feel? Do you want to let go with a honey massage that will cleanse toxins and impurities from your body? Do you want to enjoy a classic massage that will thoroughly relax your body and give you much needed new energy? Do
you want to sweeten your life with different varieties of high quality honey?
Visit us!


darilni bon

Nimate ideje kaj bi podarili vašim najdražjim? 

  • Razveselite jih z darilnim bonom, katerega se lahko koristi na vse naše izdelke in storitve. Prepričani smo, da bo prav vsak našel nekaj zase.

There are no shortcuts

to any place worth going.

Beverly Sills

We are located on the eastern part of Goriška brda, away from the excessive farming area. We are right on the edge of the  ecological area that belongs to
the Natura 2000 net.

We will be happy to take you through the life of bees and conjure up a unique and unforgettable experience!